About us

About Us

We are family run business with a warm and social atmosphere. Our Philosophy has been always to treat our customers as friends. We started in 2002, and with all of your help, we have been able to evolve, to predict trends, and have introduced new designs; in order to provide retailers with elegant fashion garments and men's accessory products.


We at TW & Company's mission are to supply retailers with fine quality men's accessories, strive to provide the very best service for our valued customers, to continue introducing the trends in men's accessories, and to give its team the respect and family atmosphere with a strong and loyal support. Our success has been built on a foundation of integrity, mutual trust, within our relationship toward our customers. Our relationships and high quality service and accessories are a shared value. s


Our Vision is to be the retailer first choice in furnishing your store with TW & Company's fine product. We will continue to do our best in raising the standard of our quality products. We aim to be on of the leaders in the men's fashion industry.